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logo Reichmann quality in Latin America


LogoTorreMayor Its slender profile was spearhead in the revival and development of Paseo de la Reforma recovering the today business district of greater tradition in Mexico City. Was for more than 10 years the tallest building in Latinamerica, today is icon and symbol of productivity and efficiency in world class offices.

Built entirely with capital assembled by Reichmann International, this investment was carried out in accordance with the experience of more than 47 years of this firm, whose philosophy is to create high-quality projects. Projects that are innovative since decides the way how to be built, how it will be promoted and how it will operate, innovating both in the implementation of new schemes and structures of financing, development, construction, promotion and marketing and technology.

With LogoTorreMayor –its most important investment in Latin America- Paul Reichmann strengthened its presence in global corporate markets at the threshold of the 21st century.

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