2013 Torre Mayor
Torre Mayor
Torre Mayor
Torre Mayor
Torre Mayor
Torre Mayor
Torre Mayor
Torre Mayor
JuneTorre Mayor Celebrates 10 Years of Service to and as a Mexico City Icon
AprilMarsh Extends Lease (9,000m2) for 10 Years
JanuaryDeloitte Extends Lease (18,000m2) for 12 Years
SeptemberFibra UNO (Mexico) Agrees to buy 49% Interest in Torre Mayor
MarchTorre Mayor Absorbs 7.4 Earthquake Without Incident
JanuaryTorre Mayor and Reforma 489 Continue in Excess of 99% Leased
JuneReforma 489 Completed & Opened (94% Pre-Leased to IXE and Deloitte)
AprilMexican H1N1(”Swine”) Flu Epidemic
JanuaryMexico City’s Population Surpasses 20 Million
SeptemberGlobal Financial Crisis & Worldwide Recession
JanuaryWith Total of 84,070m2 NRA Torre Mayor and Reforma 489 Combined Achieve 100% Leased for First Month
DecemberReforma 489 Building Commences Construction
OctoberTorre Mayor Achieves 98%Lease
Jul-SeptReforma Avenue Blocked by AMLO Sympathizers
AprilClub Piso 51 Signs Lease (3,000m2) for 20 Years
FebruaryReichmann Buys Out Franklin, Oaktree, Others (30%)
AugustIXE Bank Signs Lease (12,000m2)(75%Leased)
MarchUIRE (Germany) Invests (30%) in Torre Mayor / Barcap Refinance Closes (US$150M)Largest Single-Asset Securitized Loan in Mexico
JanuaryTorre Mayor Opens “El Mirador”
SeptemberTorre Mayor Achieves 50% Leased
DecemberTorre Mayor Receives Numerous National and International Design & Technology Awards
JuneHigh Rise & Final Completion and Inauguration Ceremonies with Fox and AMLO
FebruaryPaul Reichmann receives Mexico City Citizen of the Year Award
JanuaryLow & Mid Rise Completion-Marsh, Deloitte, Horwath Move In (40% Leased)
DecemberScotiabank Construction Loan Closes (US$90M)
AugustTopping Out Ceremony / Deloitte Signs Pre-Lease (18,000m2)
MayMexico City Government Supports Torre Mayor Via 10-Year Property Tax Waiver
JanuaryFranklin, Oaktree, Other Funds Invest (30%) in Torre Mayor
DecemberReichmann Buys Out ICA (50%)
NoviembreMarsh Signs First Pre-Lease (9,000m2)
September9/11 “Twin Towers” Tragedy in New York, USA
JanuaryAbove Ground (PhaseII) Construction Begins
DecemberFox Becomes Mexico´s 1st Non-PRI President/ Lopez-Obrador (AMLO) Becomes Mexico City´s Mayor
SeptemberSoraya Jimenez Wins Mexico’s First Women’s Gold Medal at Sydney Olympics
MayExcavation & Phase I Construction Begin
AugustNew Management Assumes Reichmann-Mexico & Torre Mayor Leadership
MarchICA-Reichmann JV Re-Starts Construction Efforts in Earnest
March2nd Major Peso Devaluation Crisis (80%)
December1st Major Peso Devaluation (29%) (Reichmann Puts Torre Mayor Project On Hold)
JanuaryNAFTA Treaty Takes Effect (U.S., Canada, Mexico)
MayTorre Mayor Sites Acquired by Reichmann